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Top Wedding Photographers in Patna

Established in 2008, NK Studio Top Wedding Photographers in Patna. NK Studio stands as Patna’s foremost choice for capturing the essence of weddings through exquisite photography. Located centrally in Patna, our studio is renowned for its commitment to crafting unforgettable memories with every click of the shutter. NK Studio isn’t just another photography service; we are storytellers who specialize in turning your wedding moments into timeless art. Our team comprises skilled photographers with a keen eye for detail and a passion for capturing genuine emotions. Whether it's the joyous tears of a bride's mother, the nervous excitement of the groom, or the laughter shared between friends, NK Studio preserves these moments with artistic finesse.

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Wedding Photographers in Patna
Wedding Photographers in Patna
Our Story

Photography is an art that captures your moments.

From humble beginnings, NK Studio has evolved into a trusted name in the wedding photography industry in Patna. Our journey is defined by a passion for storytelling and a dedication to preserving precious moments that unfold during weddings. Each photograph we capture reflects our deep appreciation for the cultural richness and diverse traditions of Patna. NK Studio is more than just a photography service; we are dedicated storytellers who are passionate about creating visual narratives that celebrate love, joy, and cultural richness. Trust NK Studio to capture your wedding day with professionalism, creativity, and a commitment to excellence.

Niraj Kumar

NK Studio, Founder & Managing Director

Our Approach

At NK Studio, we understand that each wedding is unique, and so are the couples we serve. Our approach begins with getting to know you – your personalities, preferences, and the vision you have for your special day. This allows us to tailor our photography style to match your story, whether you prefer traditional, candid, or a blend of both.

Client Experience

The heart of NK Studio lies in the relationships we build with our clients. We believe in transparent communication, attentive service, and delivering results that speak for themselves. Your satisfaction is our priority, from the initial consultation to the final delivery of your meticulously curated wedding album.

Why Patna Chooses NK Studio

Patna’s vibrant culture and rich traditions deserve to be captured with sensitivity and expertise. At NK Studio, we not only have a deep understanding of Patna’s cultural nuances but also the technical prowess to transform these insights into breathtaking photographs. Our commitment to excellence extends beyond capturing images; it’s about creating an experience that exceeds your expectations.

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Ready to discuss your wedding photography needs? Contact NK Studio today to schedule a consultation and discover how we can transform your wedding day into a collection of cherished memories. Let NK Studio be your trusted partner in capturing the beauty and emotion of your special day in Patna.

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If you are getting married and are looking for a wedding photographer then you are at the right place.

The moment we tie the knot and take vows is one of the most memorable moments of our lifetime. We all want to cherish those moments again and again. That’s why it’s important that brides and grooms choose the best professional wedding photographers who can capture their wedding celebrations beautifully.

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A plethora of services are offered by wedding photographers in Patna. Right from pre wedding shoots to candid photography or from traditional photography to the drone/aerial photography for weddings.

There are many new trends that we have spotted in wedding photography, such as:-

  • Monotone photography - Monotone or black and white pictures have an old charm which makes them stand out beautifully. That’s why wedding photographers are opting for monotone pictures more especially for bridal portraits.
  • Phone photography - Selfies and candid pictures are clicked by most of people using their phone camera. As nowadays, all the latest phones comes with best camera features and give best quality pictures like DSLR cameras.
  • Pre wedding shoots - Pre wedding shoots and videos have gained a lot of popularity in recent years. Most of the brides and grooms opt to get done pre wedding shoot prior to wedding madness begins. They also get to spend a lot of time together while doing pre wedding shoot. These days, many couples are choosing exotic and offbeat locations for their pre wedding shoot pictures.
  • Drone photography - Nowadays, aerial or drone photography trend is all in the rage among brides and grooms. Drones also helps wedding photographers in capturing the cinematic shots and candid moments of Indian wedding.

Well, if both the families are comfortable then you can book one wedding photographer to cover from both the bride and groom side. It also helps in saving some of the wedding photographer cost and you have to pay for only half of the total cost. But make sure to check whether the wedding photographer you are hiring has enough resources and a big team.

Many wedding photographers offers drone photography services but the charges for it varies. Some offers it as part of the whole package and some charges separately, so make sure to check and confirm the extra rates prior to booking.

We all have excitement to see our final wedding photographs. So, ask the wedding photographers when will they be able to deliver the final pictures.